Up Close & Personal Interview With Horst Jicha

At 56 years of age and with a history of business success in highly sophisticated security technology, Horst Jicha was on the verge of retirement when along with co-founders, Ralf Gold and Mike Kiefer, he decided to enter the cryptocurrency market, and USI-TECH was born.

There’s a funny story behind why Horst chose to enter the cryptocurrency market. His friend Mike, was always involved with the network marketing business and was always trying to rope him into the business. Working in a responsible management position, Horst was not open to the idea of participating in network marketing companies at all.

When Mike approached him with an investment opportunity in a company involved in the forex market, Horst was not interested as he believed 90% of all people lost money in the forex market. Mike was persistent and told him about the amazing results they had been generating and said he would go so far as to pay him back all the money he lost.

Horst invested one hundred thousand Euros and achieved an amazing return on investment in the very first year. He then Ralph and that was the beginning of an idea to sell a software for automated forex trading where anyone in the world could begin trading with thousand Euros or more. One thing led to another, and the next step was to take advantage of the emerging
cryptocurrency market, leading to what is now USI-TECH.

From the very beginning, Horst wanted to create something big and outstanding. The idea was to adapt the automated forex trading software into the crypto world and that was not really difficult. Horst was sitting in the morning and his coffee table one day and had a brilliant idea for a product where investors could buy Bitcoin packages costing only 50 Euros and watch their returns compound quickly over time.

Horst’s dream was to help people as much as possible and being involved with USI-TECH allows him to touch people’s lives in more than 70 countries.
The success achieved so far has enabled Horst to contribute to charity and in the near future set up a charity program for homeless children. This is another goal which drives Horst.

In his previous involvement with building billion-dollar companies, the focus was on keeping shareholders and Company Directors happy, now Horst’s main aim is to impact the lives of regular people so they are no longer in a situation of being compelled to exchange their time for money.

Horst now lives a truly independent life and can travel wherever he wants and be in touch with regular people from all walks of life and help them become financially independent as well.

The other desire Horst has is to play a part in what people are now increasingly looking for – getting rid of the core banking system in the form it exists today, all over the world.

While many leaders create a business they can walk away from in a few years, Horst believes USI-TECH has provided an opportunity for people on the street to change their lives, as long as they are willing to take life into their own hands. This is a company which Horst is committed for the long run, and the future is looking very bright.

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