Interview With Master Distributor Mike Kiefer

About two years ago, Mike was looking into the possibilities of how he could generate more money from what he already had and one area he was always very interested in was Forex because it is the biggest market in the world of about $5.3 trillion in volume every day.

Mike was introduced by a friend to a gentleman in Portugal who had been developing a trading software for more than 10 years in forex. What he particularly liked about the fully trading system software was that it ran his own broker account, eliminating the need to pay money to a third party.

It was also a software which regular people with no experience in trading the financial markets could use. From this idea, USI TECH was born. Officially launched on November 1, 2016 the company is now in 45 countries and growing fast.

People from a traditional corporate, trading or financial background were a little bit sceptical in the beginning, but now love it because they see it’s helping a lot of people generate money and enjoy a better life.

USI TECH is not a traditional network marketing company but one built on a strong foundation in trading and the financial area Also network marketers are not necessarily good at running a company. The people behind USI TECH have the knowledge, experience and skills required to build a successful global corporation.

A lot of network marketing companies who have good intentions don’t know how to run a global company as it requires an understanding of local laws to be respected and that’s a lot of work and a lot of things to look at. USI TECH has professionals in every area that know what to do and has put in place procedures to ensure legal and compliance aspects are carefully looked into. They also have the best lawyers in the U.S.

The growth of the company may be a little slow but is stable and the owners are hundred percent committed to USI tech. With many traditional network marketing companies, there’s
sweat equity required to build something big. What separates USI TECH from other companies is that nobody can say they invested time or money into a product and didn’t have anything out of it.

Anyone who purchases the BTC product or future products will have a value out of it and enjoy a return on their investment. The idea not only to make money but to diversify as long you do not put every egg in one basket, but always diversify in several areas.

To achieve success it’s important to never give up or be influenced by others who stop you from becoming successful. What’s important is to have self-belief, focus on accomplishing tasks and follow the heart. It’s important not to think about money all the time. When a job is done right and the focus is more on helping people become successful, money comes automatically.

Mike believes in the power of online marketing to grow the business as it helps in reaching a wider audience instead of calling friends. It’s also important to help distributors with their calls, for instance by doing flex three-way calls or webinars to help answer difficult questions and introduce somebody into the business.

The important thing is to keep the process simple and do several easy things every day and to keep repeating the process. To get to the top never stop sponsoring. If you go on vacation, the organization will go on vacation. Never expect people to do what you don’t do. If you want to have growth you need to organise your growth.

One of the secrets to success is to show your results by logging in to your back-office
and show how much money you are making.

Those who are just starting out and don’t have a success story can show results of their upline and share success stories of others. The first thing new registrants should do on day one is to get the product because we have product driven company it’s very important you want to use buy a package and show it to others. Don’t expect people to do something which you don’t do, so start by getting your package.

Second, think where you want to go with this business. Never think who can I sell it to. Ask yourself who you want to take with you on the USI journey. It’s as if you are forming a soccer team and want to have probably the best goalkeeper and the best midfielders. Focus on getting the best people to build your business at full speed.

Some people don’t have much money when they begin that’s part of the reason why USI TECH has been structured for people to get started for very little by purchasing the BTC package. The compensation plan gives people the ability to make money with no qualifications.

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